A1 Affordable Hydroseed Services

Serving Colorado for 20 Years with outstanding service, affordability and offering  a germination without irrigation warranty for native grasses.

Hydroseeding for Native Grasses

Native grasses are low maintenance grasses that grow on their own without a sprinkler system.

They are typically a variety of Wheat Grasses, Gramma, Side Oats, Buffalo Grasses, and Fescues. They can be used for outskirts of lawn areas, decorative landscapes, and erosion control.

On an acreage property, you can save loads of money (cost is pennies per sq. ft.) landscaping with native grasses rather than covering the areas with rock, mulches or other expensive hardscapes.

Application examples

Hydroseeding with Wildflowers

Wild Flowers can be added to any of our Native Grass mixes, or seeded separate from grasses for beautiful results.

Flowers can be put in with the grass mix to give a random natural flower look, or in pockets for key focus areas in your landscape.

Some mixes we carry require watering, and some do not. These will be customer specific as to what look you are trying to achieve.

This picture is our wildflower project that was done for the DEA building off Easter Avenue in Centennial.

Hydroseeding for Lawns

When using Hydroseed instead of sod, you will save at least 80%!!

Hydromulching/Drill Seeding

A1 Affordable Hydroseed also performs drill seeding for large native grass areas. This process is key for non irrigated areas.

That is why all of the city and state agencies(CDOT) have been doing it for years.

We enhance the results by applying our high grade hydromulch to the process for moisture retention and 100% wind resistance.

Soil Prep for Large Native Areas

Preparing the soil for a seed bed is very important.

Seeding on compact ground does not yield good results. The most important part of ground preparation is to loosen, or till the ground 4 to 6 inches deep. This will allow grass to root deep enough to survive the dry weather of Colorado summers.  Some situations may only require a light 2 inch tilling over existing spotty grass areas that you are trying to overseed, but do not want to start from scratch. Weed removal and ground restoration will bring back clear tilled ground ready to accept seed. A1 Affordable Hydroseed has the equipment required to address any of these situations. Give us a call to day for your native grass application if it requires tilling.

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