For Revegetation after Construction
Residential Natural Grass Hydroseeding
Hydroseeding for New Neighborhoods
Hydroseeding for Brandemere
Speedway Morrison
Ski Slope Hydroseeding in
Steamboat Springs
Frontier Airlines Detention Pond DIA Cropped
Drill and Hydromulching for
Frontier Airlines
Waterton Canyon Dam Denver Water
Hydroseed for Denver Water
in Waterton Canyon
1380 Horizon Laffyette, CO Stem Cider Bldg Cropped
Hydroseed for Stem Cider
in Lafayette
Denver Botanic Gardens
Hydroseed for Botanic Gardens
Our Wildflowers DEA Bld Easter Rd Centennail Cropped
Hydroseeded Wildflower Mix for DEA
Fredrick Fire Department Cropped
Drill and Hydroseeding
for Frederick Fire Department


At A1 Affordable Hydroseeding, we can provide a germination without irrigation native grass warranty, since we use superior product, seeding methods and pay attention to detail on every job.

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What you should know about Hydroseeding

There are many variables in hydroseeding that can vary the price that you should know about. The most important is the type of hydromulch. We have found that it is important to use 100% wood fiber hydromulch -straw on all of our jobs to hold water longer, since Colorado is a dry climate. It is also the hydromulch that anchors the seed to the ground and prevents adverse weather such as rain, hail, wind, and dry weather from removing it. The hydromulch also provides a moisture barrier to retain water and excel the germination process. Other cheap hydromulches using paper do not work as they decay completely within 2-3 weeks of application. Seed type, germination rates of the seed, and amount of seed applied also affect results. If a seeding contractor is using industry minimum seed rates or old seed, the end result will not be what you are looking for. Other ingredients such as tackifiers and polymers also play a factor as they affect the water retention and longevity of the hydromulch. Lastly, our hydroseed professionals are insured, and carry the proper water permits to use hydrants in your area.

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Offering a germination without irrigation warranty

Offering both Drill and Hydroseeding services with a germination with out irrigation warranty for native grasses. We have been operating as A1 Affordable Hydroseed Company for 24 years, seeding both commercial and residential jobs across the front range

At A1 Affordable Hydroseed, we can provide a germination without irrigation native grass warranty, since we use superior product, seeding methods and pay attention to detail on every job.


Hydroseed for Native Areas

Native grasses are low maintenance grasses that grow on their own without a sprinkler system.

Hydroseeding with Native Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers can be added to any of our Native Grass mixes, or seeded separate from grasses for beautiful results.

Hydroseeding for Lawns

When using Hydroseed instead of sod, you will save at least 80%!!

Drill Seeding
and Hydromulching

A1 Affordable Hydroseed also performs drill seeding for large native grass areas. This process is key for non irrigated areas.


A1 came out and did an excellent job. The native grass came in great with little care.
- Jenna B. / Colorado Springs
2650 S Dahlia St Denver
A1 Affordable Hydroseed in Denver is AMAZING!! Troy did a great job seeding behind our home in the neighborhood common area. I would recommend A1 Affordable Hydroseed for Drill Seeding Services!
- John H. /Denver
6185 Eldridge Arvada 2
My wife and I have recommended Troy of A-1 Affordable HydroSeed, Inc to many of our neighbors and they have hired him to do their yards with regular lawn grass and native grass seeds.
Connie H. /Arvada
5595 Depew Ave Arvada
Ted O. / Arvada
Great product at a great price. Within two weeks (as shown in the picture) we had substantial growth.