Drill Seeding for Unirrigated Areas

Drill Seeding for Areas With No Irrigation

Drill seeding for large unirrigated areas without a sprinkler system or any type of irrigation is the best procedure seeding native grass. Hydromulching on top of a drill seeded area protects the seed from blowing away and adds a moisture barrier, trapping water underneath slowing evaporation.

Drill Seeding for Overseeding Patchy Native Grass

A1 Affordable Hydroseed uses a state of the are seed drill that will also work for over seeding areas with spotty native grass areas. Our drill will penetrate those areas laying seed, without removing existing grass. With rows place 2 inches apart, we give you a very dense seeding.

How is Drill Seeding Done?

Drill seeding is performed using tractor equipment to pull an implement behind it called a seed drill. A1 Affordable Hydroseed uses a state of the art grass drill that places seeds in rows 2 inches apart, placing each seed at the perfect depth, then folding the dirt over, followed by a packing wheel.

The packing wheel is the final stage of the seed drill, packing the dirt down on top of the seed. This will provide the perfect scenario for germination.

We also will perform a light 1 to 2 inch till on the area prior to dropping the seed down. This will allow more oxygen and water to penetrate the ground, so it can hold water longer allowing the seed to grow easier.

Drill Seeding for Cost Savings

For large multi-acre pastures and minimal wind, drill seeding can provide an alternative seeding method costing less than hydroseed.

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