Lawn Care

You can get your lawn to establish in full between 3-5 weeks with proper watering and temperature !!

A1 Affordable Hydroseed uses certified seed only. This means that the seed has been tested for germination per USDA standards with published germination rates, purity, and weed content. We don’t deliver a “garage blend” like much of the competition. Many of the grass varieties contain multiple types of grasses known for dark rich color, fine texture, cold and stress tolerance. These combinations give a fast growing, excellent color lawn well suited for high traffic areas. Other types of seed are available, if you have a particular situation that needs to be addressed.


A high quality fertilizer is used during the hydroseeding operation along with a catalyist, to quickly activate the fertilizer for quick germination. A1 Affordable hydroseed also uses a PH soil balancer, to help level high acidic soils commonly found in Colorado. Your new lawn should be fertilized again about 2 weeks from installation date, after a large percentage of the grass has germinated. You will know its time to fertilize when you can see seedlings poping up from the seeded area. This usaually occurs around 10 to 14 days. A good fertilizer to use will have a number around 25-35 for the first number of the fertizer composition code. Do not use Weed and Feed fertilizers until the grass is established. Be sure to water sufficently after fertilizing. The new lawn should be re-fertilized about every 4-6 weeks from the previous fertilization. You must put at least 1/2 inch of water on your lawn immediately after fertilizing for the first time. If you do not put enough water on your new lawn after fertilizing, your new lawn will turn yellow and burn. However, overfertilized lawns will eventually come back with care.


A new lawn should be watered every day, 3-5 times a day. To maintain consistent moisture, water between5-7am, 11am-1pm, 4-6pm and again at 9-10pm. Water 5 to 10 minutes each watering cycle for pop up sprinklers, and 10-30 minutes for rotor type sprinklers. The lawn should be kept damp. Try to avoid puddling on the lawn, however, too much water is better than not enough as it will not germinate without consistent moisture. A good weather/watering guide is 3 times for highs in the upper 60s, 4 times per day when highs are in the upper 70s and low 80s, and 5 times if possible when highs are over 88 degrees. Keep the hydromulch lightly damp without forming pools. Watering length should be long enough until the water just starts to puddle. That means your soil is at maximum saturation. The better and less compact your soil is, the longer it will stay moist. Harder more compact soils will require more watering times and less watering length. It will take longer the first time you water a dry soiled lawn, so wait till the dirt has been totally saturated before measuring the length of time to set your sprinklers at. Rhyzomic grass is used in the seeding process, which will help spots fill in if they are formed after a period of time as a last resort to fill in spots from possible puddling. Be patient. The speed that your lawn germinates will depend on air temperature, moisture, soil quality, and watering practices.

Lawn Cutting

Do not cut the lawn for the first time till the grass reaches 3 inches around 3-4 weeks. The grass should be cut approx. 2 inches high before cutting and be sure the lawn mower blade is sharp. This will prevent the grass being pulled out by the roots.


All soil contains weed seeds. Weeds will come up after the lawn has been planted . Weeds germinate quicker than grass seed. Do not be concerned when weeds appear. As the grass becomes established, many weeds cannot survive in a dense turf grass root system. Those that remain can be controlled and eliminated as part of your normal fertilizing process. Ask your garden center to recommend an appropriate weed and feed product. You can pull weeds at anytime during the growing process. Do not rely on rainfall precipitation for lawn watering. Weeds can survive without watering, lawn grasses cannot.

Lawn Grass Warranty

A1 Affordable Hydroseed warrants the product, and installation. We guarantee that high quality ingredients are used for the hydroseeding process, and that the seed is USDA Certified. If the lawn does not establish properly because of non-certified seed product, those portions of the lawn will be reseeded.

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