A1 Affordable Hydroseed offers a germination without irrigation native grass guarantee.

A1 Affordable Hydroseed has been in business for 16 years seeding the front range, including high altitude mountain areas.  We have found that it is important to use 100% wood fiber hydromulch /straw to hold water longer, since Colorado is a dry climate.  A1 Affordable Hydroseed uses Conwed 2000 100% wood fiber hydromulch or Hydrostraw for all of its jobs.  You can google it to see its specifications. Many other hydroseeders use the cheapest hydromulch they can find without the special ingredients contained in Conwed 2000 and Hydrostraw hydromulch. After all, the hydromulch is what your are really paying for to bind seed and moisture to the soil for quick germination. So, make sure you ask your hydroseeder what kind of hydromulch they are using, because it will make a difference.

Hydroseed for Native Areas:

   Native grasses are low maintenance grasses that grow on their own without a sprinkler system. They are typically a variety of Wheat Grasses, Gramma, Side Oats, Buffalo Grasses, and Fescues. They can be used for outskirts of lawn areas, decorative landscapes, and erosion control. On an acreage property, you can save loads of money (cost is pennies per sq. ft.) landscaping with native grasses rather than covering the areas with rock, mulches or other expensive hardscapes.
 — A1 Affordable Hydroseed is the only seeding contractor to offer a germination without irrigation native grass guarantee.— Call for details!
Hydroseeding with Native Wild Flowers:
Wild Flowers can be added to any of our Native Grass mixes, or seeded separate from grasses for beautiful results. Flowers can be put in with the grass mix to give a random natural flower look, or in pockets for key focus areas in your landscape. Some mixes we carry require watering, and some do not. These will be customer specific as to what look you are trying to achieve.                                                        
Hydroseed for Lawns:

When using Hydroseed instead of sod, you will save at least 75%!!! See pricing example:
Minimum charge is $425.00, covering the first 2000sqft.
4000 sq ft lawn would be priced accordingly…$425.00 for the first 2000sqft. then 10 cents x the remaining 2000sqft. installed =$625.00
4000 sq.ft. lawn x .30 for sod + 15% extra corners and trimming(.15×4000=600sqftx.30) + .25 per sq ft installation = $2530.00
$625/$2530= .24-1= 75% less cost than sod
Prices subject to change.

Hydro/Drill Seeding
A1 Affordable Hydroseed also performs drill seeding, making native seeding wind resistant using Conwed 2000 high grade hydromulch over drill seeded areas.